Making an Inventory of your Personal Possessions

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There are many ways you can organize yourself to make the most of your homeowners insurance. MA, while generally safe, has a rising crime rate and has experienced an increase in incidents of severe weather too, so people may be experiencing losses for a variety of different reasons. Keeping track of everything for insurance purposes can be a nightmare, so perhaps it’s time to make an inventory.

While it might sound like something for a business, an inventory is simply an organized list of all your valuables. It can be organized by category or room by room, whichever is simplest for you. 

It is a good idea to photograph your valuables. When you take pictures of electrical equipment, make sure you also record any serial numbers – this can help with identification. Unique items, like antiques, artwork and ornaments should be photographed from several angles, and include details of any fragile trims or decoration.

Keep purchase receipts of any high-ticket items, and if you do have unique things or heirlooms, it might be wise to have them professionally valued. Any valuation certificates should be kept somewhere safe.  

Keep your inventory with the policy paperwork for your homeowners insurance. MA adjusters can use your information to help establish the value of your possessions if you need to make a claim and it could help make the whole process much smoother.


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