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Renters Insurance 101

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Renters insurance is a must have for apartment dwellers; Yet many people fail to purchase it. For some it simply never occurs to them, still others think it’s too expensive or unnecessary. Depending on the survey you believe only 45-33% of renters had insurance in 2012. Whatever way you slice it, that means less than half … More

Guide to What to Keep in Your Car this Summer

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Got kids or just a kid yourself.   Almost nothing can be worse than being caught on the side of the road or in hours of traffic without supplies! So here a list of things to stock your car with before your summer trips. Food. Almost nothing can make a situation more bearable than something to much … More

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Divorce Insurance??

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Insurance is about preparing for a disaster like an accident or fire. John Logan would like to convince us that divorce is just one of those disasters. He is the founder of WedLock, the world’s first marriage insurance company. John likes to point out that according to statistics 50% of marriages today end in divorce, … More

What is with Scheduling Personal Property?

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 Ok you are about to get a new homeowners policy or your policy is renewing and the agent asks you if you want to schedule any personal property. What does that really mean? Is scheduling necessary? What will it cost? First off the concept of scheduling can be tricky to understand. Many people assume that … More

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Review: 2015 Mustang

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So here comes the 2015 Ford Mustang, one of the princesses of American cars. Over the last couple of years the Mustang has been loosing market share to the Chevy Camaro. The debut of the 1960s-themed model back in 2005 has increased the fan base but more is needed. Ford hopes this new model will … More

Identity Theft: The Facts

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What is Identity Theft? It is when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. It is a very serious crime that can wreak havoc with your finances, credit history and reputation. It can take a considerable amount of time, money and patients to resolve and repair the damage done. There are … More

Get Ready to Ride- The basics of motorcycles!

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The Law: All bikes must be insured and registered All operators must have a valid motorcycle license or permit You must wear eye protection unless the bike has a windshield or windscreen.  All riders must wear a US DOT Standard  No. 218 Helmet  Bike must be insured Must meet all gear requirements: Mass Motorcycle … More

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Distracted driving: Why we should care?

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  To begin with, what is distracted driving? Distracted driving is driving while doing any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving. At any given daylight moment 660,000 vehicles are being driven by distracted drivers. Each day in the United States more than 9 people are killed and … More

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Earthday Home Tips:

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Looking to do something to help the planet? Here are some ways to start right in your home. Save electricity on Lights: Choose Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs – (CFLs) use 66% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and last up to 10 times Turn off lights in rooms you are not using! Save Water: … More

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