Insurance for your Kids’ Sporting Equipment

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Do you have a house full of kids playing lots of different sports? That probably means you have a house full of sporting equipment that you need to both store and transport to different fixtures. Among other things, that means you need to go carefully through your homeowners insurance. Mass home insurance may cover you for those items when you have them away from home if you have selected that coverage option.

There should be a clause in your policy that details items that you use away from home. You may need to call your agent to clarify how it works. You may also need to consider adding an endorsement to the policy if a lot of equipment needs cover, because even if your home insurance does offer this coverage, the limits on what can be paid out may be quite low.

Don’t forget to check your auto insurance policy as well – although most auto insurance doesn’t cover losses of items from inside a car. The most important thing you can do is teach your kids not to leave sports equipment lying around. When they’re at home, make sure it is stored securely. When they take items out, try not to leave them in the car unless they’re locked away in the trunk out of sight.  

Call your agent today to help you with your homeowners insurance. Mass agents are well placed to help you sift through local regulations and products and find appropriate coverage.


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