Adjusting Adjusting your Homeowners Insurance when you Renovate your Homeowners Insurance when you Renovate

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When you renovate, no matter on what scale, you will be changing the market appeal of your house. Even just giving the whole house a fresh coat of paint, inside and out, might increase its appeal; so any building or installation of new services has the potential to add considerable market appeal. It might also impact on your homeowners insurance MA

It is very important not to get so caught up in the process and complications of living through a renovation, particularly a major one, that you overlook a review of your homeowners’ policy. You should review it regularly in any case, and if you haven’t done so for a while, this is as good a time as any.

The things to look for that may need adjusting might include increasing the level of your building and contents cover if you have added a room and installed new furniture, entertainment equipment or even gym equipment. Adding a swimming pool to your yard may increase your risk of a guest being injured, so you might need to look into whether you need to make adjustments to your liability coverage as well. Additionally, the property section of the policy should also be adjusted. 

This is a lot to consider, so you should make time to consult with an agent about your homeowners insurance MA.

Our agents are up to date with current products and changing regulations, so they are in a good position to give you appropriate advice.


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