Aim For Kitchen Safety In Your Rented Home

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Let’s say you are about to move into a new rental apartment in Massachusetts. Now would be the perfect time to be thinking about how to organize your kitchen. While you’re considering how the room will look, spare some time to think about kitchen safety. Aim to make your kitchen a safe zone and reduce the risk of accidents and claims on renters insurance Massachusetts.

Equip your kitchen to minimize the risk of cuts, burns and fires:

Check out the smoke detectors as soon as you move into your new home. Speak to your landlord about fitting new smoke detectors if they have not already been installed. Fit all smoke detectors with new batteries, test that they are working, and diarize regular dates for battery tests (monthly) and replacements (every six months). 
Get a fire extinguisher installed in the kitchen if there is none there already. Read the instruction manual, and make sure that you understand how to operate the fire extinguisher.
Remember that fire extinguishers should not be used for some types of fire; learn how to smother oil and grease fires. 
Have insulated oven gloves and mitts in a handy place to avoid accidents when moving hot dishes out of the oven.
Sharp knives are safer than blunt ones; buy a knife sharpener and use it regularly to keep knives in good condition.
Hang sharp knives on a rack above the work surface, or keep them in a knife block at the back of the kitchen bench. Don’t store sharp knives in drawers.

Remember these tips so that your new kitchen will be an efficient and safe place to prepare meals. Installing protective devices to enhance fire safety may create an opportunity for discounted premiums on renters insurance Massachusetts, so be sure to inform your insurance agent if a fire extinguisher is installed.


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