Micro Business On A Shoestring Budget

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When you launch a home-based business you will probably work twice as hard as you did before, and money will have to go twice as far. As part of your plan for avoiding business risk and optimizing the use of time and money, call your agent to check how home insurance covers equipment you use in your business and ask whether you need the protection of Boston business insurance.

Now is the time to adopt frugal business habits. (Big business has always embraced cost-cutting, so it must have some benefits for your micro business.)
Go virtual. Use Skype rather than landline or cell phone calls, and teleconference rather than traveling to meetings. Consider hiring a virtual assistant for administrative tasks.
Cut costs. Cancel expensive journal subscriptions and join online forums and networks to get the latest news in your industry.
Time is money. Develop effective strategies for dealing with people who waste your time. 
Be more productive. Use any tool that helps you to manage your time more effectively and improves your productivity. Software that limits internet access, for example, might wean you off random browsing that wastes your time and uses broadband.
Be open to alternatives. You may not be able to have a totally paperless office, but try to avoid printing documents if there’s an alternative. 
Think local. Talk to other local business owners about networking, sharing resources, bartering and exchanging. 

Frugal habits for running your home-based business can save your time and energy and help to improve business cash flow. As your home business expands, take time to review your home insurance coverage and consider whether your growing business needs the protection of Boston business insurance


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