When you Work in your Client’s Home

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Many people have quit their jobs to become self-employed workers who provide services in their clients’ homes. Working in Boston as a general handyman (or handywoman), a visiting hairdresser or a home nurse provides valuable services to clients and can be a good way of earning a living. However self-employment does involve some financial risks so it’s important to talk to an insurance agent about the type of Boston business insurance you need. 

We guess that you’ll be keen to get your business established quickly and you’ll want to take on as much work as you can when you first launch your business. Try to avoid the temptation to take on more work than you can comfortably handle. Don’t overload your schedule – it’s harmful to your wellbeing, and it’s not good for your clients, either. 

It’s difficult to offer good customer service if you’re feeling harassed and tired and you’re fretting about whether you will be able to get to your next appointment on time. Your clients will notice – and likely be miffed – if you arrive later than the agreed time and seem rushed and distracted. Allow yourself plenty of time between appointments so that a delay at a client’s home or a traffic holdup doesn’t impact on your entire day’s schedule. 
Your insurance agent may recommend that your Boston business insurance includes liability coverage to protect you from the cost of lawsuits if you accidentally do damage to a client’s property or cause a client to suffer harm. Carrying liability insurance is essential protection for a small business like yours, and provides you with reassurance that your assets are less likely to be threatened by legal costs. There are several types of liability insurance – your agent will know the difference so make time to discuss this type of coverage for your livelihood. 


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