Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home

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Do you take a look at your house or apartment and sigh in resignation? It is not difficult to brighten up your home even if you are time short or need to follow a strict budget. Those who make big changes or who purchase items to improve their abodes might need to update their home or renters insurance. Massachusetts residents may find these strategies for improvement useful for quick home makeover (check with the landlord first however if you are a renter).

•    Paint. A coat of fresh paint can completely change the appearance of your home. Start with the bedroom and living areas, and then consider painting outdoor features such as window frames and even doors. The task could be complete in a matter of hours and give your house a whole new look.
•    Curtains and blinds. After your walls, your curtains or blinds are the most noticeable part of your property. Give them a good clean or wash.
•    Lighting. Good lighting enhances the appearance and mood of any space. In some places you might want to try brighter lighting, while in others softer and warmer lighting might be more suitable.
•    De-cluttering. Discarding your old, unused furniture can change the look of any room. Clear away other unnecessary clutter.
•    Art. Ask for permission to put up artwork or, if there are existing paintings that belong to the landlord, consider storing them away carefully and put up your own – you can simply put the old ones back up when you’re preparing to move out.

As you clean up your home, it might be a good time to review your home or renters insurance Massachusetts. Our agents have the skills and expertise to advise you on all aspects of residential insurance. Why not give our agency a call to find out how we may be able to help you?


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