Boston Business Insurance if You’re Starting a Distillery

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Small craft distilleries have been opening up all over the U.S. in recent years. In 2011, according to a CBS news item, Boston welcomed its first craft distillery since Prohibition, started by brothers Will and Dave Willis. Starting a small distillery, like any business, can be relatively risky and it’s always advisable to have the appropriate Boston business insurance for your business type. Here we look at some of the factors and challenges involved in starting this unique type of business.

•    Finding a property. The physical core of a distillery usually includes special distillery equipment, which might involve a large factory floor as well as docks and special doors for large volume delivery.
•    Licensing. In Boston, like many other regions, you will need to have a license to start a distillery.
•    Managing different aspects of the business. Other than the actual production, distillery owners will usually need to manage many other aspects of the business. These may include accounting, sales, marketing, customer relationships, and more.
•    Networking and building contacts. As it’s a specialist field, networking with other distillers can broaden the business owner’s knowledge of both production and business management. Building contacts with bar and restaurant owners might also be beneficial for the business.

Like any type of business, risk management is a vital element in running a distillery. An appropriate Boston business insurance policy might help to manage risk more effectively. Contact us for more information on business insurance for your Boston enterprise.


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