Green Home Renting Tips

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Some people may erroneously believe that they are unable to make any changes to their Massachusetts rental home for better energy efficiency. There may be many strategies you can pursue to cut utility costs as a renter. Reducing energy and other utility costs can free up more cash for other essentials such as renters insurance. Massachusetts renters seeking to go green might find these quick tips useful.

•    Fridge and thermostat. The fridge is one of the most energy intensive appliances in your home. Find out the optimum temperature for your fridge and adjust the thermostat accordingly, making allowances for the season. Regularly clean the coils at the back of the fridge, don’t overload the fridge, and always close it quickly after opening. This way you may save on energy even if you are renting a furnished apartment or house and are not able to choose your own appliances.
•    Portable improvements. Portable improvements are easy and inexpensive to implement. Opt for energy-efficient light bulbs, water-saving showerheads, and portable winter-window panels or treatments. These little changes can go a long way.
•    Negotiate with the landlord. Check with your landlord and negotiate for energy-efficient features where possible. For example, you could ask for your landlord to help contribute to the costs of a more energy-efficient appliance. You might be able to come up with an agreement that pleases all parties.

Small changes are the best option for renters seeking to green their rental place. These little changes could add up over the course of a year, and help free up funds for other essential things such as paying the monthly rent, and having funds for renters insurance Massachusetts.


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