Safe Disposal of Used Electronics Equipment

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Updating your business IT infrastructure can be an exciting time, and it’s also a good time to check your Mass insurance policy to keep your coverage adequately reflects the growth and change in your enterprise. However, what should you do with your old equipment? Used electronics equipment can present serious health risks and harm for the environment. When not properly disposed, they can leach toxic metals such as mercury, lead, beryllium, or cadmium into landfills or dumps.

Reuse or Recycle

The industry group Consumer Electronics Association recommends that unwanted equipment should be recycled at any of the programs or locations available through the Greener Gadgets website.

The EPA website also has some information for those seeking to recycle their old electronic equipment. It recommends reusing where possible, and if not, recycling.  

Types of Equipment that might be recyclable

Anything ranging from mobile phones to computer monitors and notebook computers might be recyclable. Even if some parts are damaged, the undamaged parts could be harvested to be reused.

Buying green

The EPS also recommends buying green – choosing products with fewer toxic constituents, that are energy efficient, or that use recycled materials could support sustainable environmental practices. Once you’ve recycled your old equipment and purchased your new equipment, remember to contact an agent about updating your Mass insurance policy.

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