Advantages of Email Marketing for Your Boston Business

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Even with the growth of social media, email marketing still has a potentially effective role in your marketing strategy. It’s can be cost-effective way to market a business, which means you might be able to divert marketing funds to other vitals such as your Boston business insurance, lease payments, or product research and development. Email marketing also has other potential advantages.


Generating an email newsletter or sales e-newsletter can be time effective. You could outsource the writing or choose to prepare a short, succinct e-newsletter that provides value or updates customers at a glance.

Targeted Lists

You can use email lists to target specific customers based on their purchase history, by providing updates on certain products or services to those who are most likely to be interested in the product.

Build Relationships

As email marketing campaign tends to be more of an opt-in marketing tool, it can be a useful way to build relationships with existing customers to encourage repeat purchases. Email also tends to be more personal in tone than social media.

Businesses that don’t already have an email newsletter or marketing strategy might find that it is a cost-effective option that could help them free up funds for other essential expenses such as their Boston business insurance.


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