5 Ways to Prevent Home Burglary

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Buying effective Mass insurance to protect your home from covered perils is just one way to keep your investment safe from unforeseen circumstances. What about protecting your home from burglaries? There are several ways to prevent your home from becoming a target for burglaries.

1. Outside and inside lighting – installing motion sensor flood lights on all the corners of your home are a good way to thwart burglars from targeting your home. Also, having a light on inside set to a timer will indicate that someone is home even if there is not.

2. Use a heavy duty dead bolt – a lock with at least a one inch throw is your best bet.

3. Use a wooden stick to secure sliding glass doors – sliding glass doors are an easy point for forced entry. Ensure your sliding doors are secure by putting a wooden stick in the track.

4. Ensure all windows are locked – this may seem like a no brainer, but a lot of people forget to make sure all their windows are locked before leaving their homes. Windows are another common point of entry so it makes sense to check them all, at least the ground floor windows, before leaving your home.

5. Be a good neighbor – getting to know your neighbors is a good way to prevent burglaries. Ask them to pick up your mail and newspapers when you go on vacation. Or park their car in your driveway to make it look like someone is home.

These tips will help ensure you won’t need to file a claim on your Mass insurance for your home. But if you have more questions about what your home insurance covers, you should definitely give your local agent a call. It’s good to periodically evaluate your home insurance, especially if you’ve done any major home improvement projects.


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