Dining Al Fresco in Boston

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One of the most enjoyable experiences in Boston during the spring and summer months is to sit outside at a lovely café and have a bite to eat. The beautiful breeze blowing around you as you sip a nice glass of wine and eat dessert with your friends sounds like a wonderful evening. From a restaurateur’s point of view, seeing you sit out there enjoying yourself is just as wonderful. Their Boston business insurance policy has them covered even when they open the doors and move their tables outside.

If you’re a restaurant owner in Boston, your business insurance policy should cover all aspects of al fresco dining. As long as your patrons will be on your property, you should be covered. Find out what type of guidelines Boston has in reference to street easements and fire codes, etc. Once that’s all done, set those tables out to attract some diners looking for an outside dining experience.
Your business insurance policy will cover your employees if they are injured under the workers comp portion. They may not be used to walking outside with hot soup and may have additional obstacles when the tables are outside. Be sure to give them proper training of anything new they might be facing.

Your liability section will cover any injuries to your patrons or if there are any damages to your patrons’ belongings. If a robber decides to swipe a purse from someone’s table, you’ll be covered for the damages. If a diner trips on a cobble stone while sitting down, you’ll be covered for her medical expenses.

Your business insurance policy’s property section will cover any damage to your property if, say, the chairs you normally have inside end up scratching the beautiful outdoor mosaic floor. If you are unclear about all of this, talk with your Boston business insurance agent.


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