Stepping Into Unknown Territory

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When you purchased Boston business insurance coverage for your small consultancy business, you helped to protect your investment from many covered risks. It can be immensely reassuring to know that you carry business insurance for things like accidents and mishaps, but it’s not realistic to expect insurance protection to be available for every conceivable business risk.

Imagine that, as your consultancy business grows, a delighted client asks you to tackle a project that is beyond your field of experience or expertise and is certainly outside your usual comfort zone. How would you respond to a risky challenge like this?

This could well be an opportunity to expand your competencies and develop skills that benefit your business. However, there is a risk of ruining your good relationship with your client if you are unable to complete the project successfully. It’s important to carefully weigh up your options before you either accept or decline your client’s proposal. Only you can make that tough decision.

However, you are not alone when it comes to making decisions about business insurance. Our professional insurance agents are knowledgeable about the Boston business climate and are experts in Boston business insurance matters; you are an expert in your own industry and the unique features of your own enterprise. Working with your insurance agent to develop an insurance strategy may help to minimize the impact that accidents and disasters could have on your business.


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