New Insurance Products That Keep Up With The Times

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Like other commercial enterprises in Massachusetts, companies operating in the insurance industry have embraced the rapid technological and social changes that have taken place over recent decades. Mass insurance companies have designed insurance solutions for problems that did not exist as recently as twenty years ago.

What are some of these innovative insurance products?

• Green insurance products are available for home and auto insurance, and have been designed to cater for the needs of environmentally aware policyholders. Green home insurance products typically offer incentives for owners of homes that are built in accordance with sustainability standards. Green auto insurance promotes environmentally friendly driving and offers financial incentives for motorists who drive less or drive vehicles powered by alternative fuel sources.

• Homeowners, renters and business insurance coverage can be designed provide protection for the owners of a multitude of small portable electronic items such as cell phones, tablets, digital cameras and other devices that are vulnerable to loss, theft and damage.

• Long-term care insurance options are available to help maintain the assets, independence and lifestyle of individuals who live into their eighties, nineties and beyond.

Has your lifestyle changed during the last twenty years? As our lifestyles change, so do our insurance needs. The expert staff at your local Mass insurance agency can explain new insurance options that have been designed to provide protection for new types of risk.


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