Donating Blood Makes a Difference to the Lives of People Affected By Disaster

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Boston business insurance is designed to protect your business property and assets from the financial consequences of disastrous events. Having a disaster response plan for your business as a supplement to insurance protection, can support your employees and reduce the risk of property damage and loss. It may also help your business to recover more quickly after a disaster.

It’s a good idea to investigate the steps you can take to put a plan in place. As well as a plan to evacuate your office in the event of a fire, you might want to plan for what to do in case of storm or flood. Conduct drills, similar to fire drills, where employees practice taking the steps they would take in a real emergency.

It’s worth remembering that any disaster that affects your business will affect the entire community as well. Donations of money to the American Red Cross, and other humanitarian and emergency aid organizations can provide for people in need after disastrous events. Donating blood is another immensely practical way of helping people affected by a disaster.

You may already be a regular blood donor, but have you thought of hosting a blood drive within your organization? In addition to helping American Red Cross to maintain a reliable, safe supply of blood products, a blood drive can build morale within your company as colleagues join in a worthwhile, life-saving endeavor that benefits the entire community.

By purchasing Boston business insurance you protect your organization from accidents, mishaps and disasters. Hosting a corporate blood drive could be a great way to encourage your workers to make a difference to the welfare of people who have been affected by a disaster.


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