Understanding your Mass insurance policies

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Are you familiar with the terms and conditions of your
Mass insurance policies? Often, policy holders are
uncertain of what is excluded or included in their home insurance, life
insurance and auto insurance policies, and they may make assumptions about
coverage that are based on misinformation or misunderstanding.

It’s important to review
insurance policies regularly, as changes in your life can have implications for

Have you
retired from full-time work recently? Having stopped commuting to work by car
you may be driving much less, and you might want to consider changing to an
auto insurance product that provides financial incentives for people who drive

Have you
invested in improvements to your home? You may need to adjust your home
insurance coverage to reflect a higher replacement cost. Alternatively, if you
have installed devices like fire or burglar alarms or other security systems,
you may be entitled to claim discounted home insurance premiums.

Have you
recently married or become a parent? These major life events have likely
changed your financial responsibilities, and you may be considering taking out
life coverage to provide for your dependents.

Talk to us if you are unsure what your Mass insurance policies cover, or if
you’re uncertain whether your coverage is adequate. Our experienced,
professional agents will clarify any uncertainties, explain anything that is
confusing and, if necessary, help you to review and adjust your insurance
coverage so that you are fully protected.

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