Have you documented your possessions?

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It’s comforting to have renters’ insurance or home insurance in place, and to know that compensation would be available so that you could replace your possessions should they be damaged, or lost, in a disastrous event such as extreme weather, a house fire or a burglary. Have you taken the next step, and created a home inventory document that lists your belongings and details their value?

Your inventory is useful in helping you to assess the value of your possessions when you make a periodical review of property coverage. An up-to-date home inventory can make the task so much easier should you need to file a claim on your insurance policy.

It’s important to approach the preparation of your home inventory in a systematic fashion so that nothing is left out. You may not need reminding to include big-ticket items like jewelry and home theatre equipment in your inventory, but don’t forget all those smaller items that you have accumulated, such as bed linen, kitchen utensils and garden tools. As you record the belongings in each room of your home, check out the contents of closets and drawers; don’t forget the stuff that may be used infrequently and is stored in your basement, garage or attic.

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