Get Ready to Ride- The basics of motorcycles!

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The Law:

  • All bikes must be insured and registered
  • All operators must have a valid motorcycle license or permit
  • You must wear eye protection unless the bike has a windshield or windscreen.
  •  All riders must wear a US DOT Standard  No. 218 Helmet
  •  Bike must be insured
  • Must meet all gear requirements:

Mass Motorcycle manual:


waer a helmet
Motorcycle Safety:

-Choose the Right bike-

The first step in motorcycle Safety is to choose the right motorcycle for you. Make sure the bike is not too heavy for you to lift it by yourself. Your feet should hit the ground when you are astride the bike. The controls should fit the size of your hands and be easy for you to operate. Do not pick a bike that is too big or too powerful for your skill level. If you intend to ride on the road do not buy a trail bike. Bikes made for road have tires designed to grip pavement better and a more powerful breaking system.

-Getting the right clothes-

Another important factor is to choose the right clothing. There is reason bikers wear leather is it protects you. It is appealing to wear a t-shirt and short and feel the wind on your skin but you will regret it should you crash. Gloves are extremely important, not only do they protect you hands from wind and debris but they also improve your grip. You want to pick a pair that is thick and non-slip, leather is great. Boots are also very important, most bikers buy special boots made for ridding and there is a good reason for this. Motorcycle boots have thicker soles; good ankle support and thick perhaps even steal toes. If you don’t want to buy specialty boots, durable athletic shoes or other boots that are durable can be adequate. You just want to make sure you have good ankle support and thick soles. In terms of upper body clothing you want to wear something that has bright or reflective patches to make you more visible.  Like the boots and gloves you want this to be made out of a durable material like leather or think denim and long sleeved. Pants need to be durable as well and tight at the bottom so they can not get caught up in pedals and other motorcycle parts.

-Ridding Safely-

First ride within your limits. If you are buying your first bike chances are you have not had a lot of practice you need to keep that in mind. Don’t try things you are not comfortable with or not sure you can pull off. You will get there in time.

  • Avoid tailgating, a car will have trouble seeing you behind it and if you hit the back of the car you will get hurt far more than the car.
  • Do not ride up between lanes during slow and/or stopped traffic.
  • Avoid weaving continually between lanes or ridding on the shoulder.
  • Watch out for dogs they can upset bikes. If you see a dog downshift then accelerate quickly away when you are even with the dog.

  • Be especially careful at intersections 70% of motorcycle-vehicle accidents occur at intersections. Remember you are less visible than a car.
  • Be extra careful to check you mirrors when switching lanes and braking. Once again you will suffer far more than the car that hits you.
  •  Avoid speeding crashes at higher speeds are more likely to result in fatalities or disfigurement.
  •  Be extra careful in the rain. In fact if you are a new rider and you can pull over and wait out the rain or at least the first 5 minutes. The first few minutes of rain are the most dangerous as all the oil and car fluids on the road rise to the surface. If you need to keep driving, ride in the tracks of the car in front of you. Avoid ridding on painted lines and metal surfaces as they are slippery when wet. Be extra careful as hazards may be more difficult to see.
  • Be  carful to stay visible.  Watch out for cars blind spots.


Over all have fun,
the warm weather is here get out and ride!!!

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