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So here comes the 2015 Ford Mustang, one of the princesses of American cars. Over the last couple of years the Mustang has been loosing market share to the Chevy Camaro. The debut of the 1960s-themed model back in 2005 has increased the fan base but more is needed. Ford hopes this new model will ramp up the fever for this classic muscle car.
So like with any muscle car the first thing you probably want to know is; what is engine going to look like? What kind of power are we talking? Three engines will be offered with either manual or automatic transmission. There will be the standard 3.7liter V6 and the GT’s 5.0 liter V8 as well as a new model. This will be a 2.3 liter Eco Boost 4-cylinder engine. It will be available in both the standard and GT models. It is estimated to make 305hp and have 300lb-ft of torque.  According to reports it will have better fuel economy than the standard V6. Meaning it can by expected to do better than 31 mpg maybe 33mpg or better. As to where the Eco Bust model will deliver the power and pep only some test drives and consumer feedback will be the only way to tell. Though Ford predicts it will deliver in every way.

The other headline making change  to the  2015 model is  a new addition to the popular Track Apps Suite. This suite includes features like launch control, an acceleration timer and an accelerometer, now it will include an electronic line lock. Only question is will using it void your warranty? Since the manual clearly states that racing in the car voids the warranty, and this is the most logical reason for using a line lock. Many people are wondering how the engineers managed to get it through, not to mention whether using it will mess up your warranty. The jury is still out on this and Ford has yet to comment.  No matter the eventual answer I am  sure there are some sweet burn outs in this lady’s future.

Now for the big question; what will the lady look like?
Well she is certainly a looker as any Mustang should be. This year’s model is a little more stream lined less hard looking. Ford is definitely going a more luxury look. That being said the grill and headlights still scream muscle car. The matching back and front lights are definitely a nice touch. The vehicle is also lower to the ground with a wider stance.

Dave Pericak, Ford Mustang chief engineer said:

“Some people don’t understand, but they’re looking at proportions, so what they’re looking at is a car that has been lowered,  a car that has been widened, a car that has more of a animalistic stance to it. One that is more aggressive and sporty, then where we were, but taking al of the heritage that we have within Mustang and interpreting it in an extremely modern way.”

I certainly like the look even if I would like a little more sharpness in the design. The front end is a little too round for my taste, while I love a car with sweet curves. A muscle car should be a little less sleek; it needs to scream the power that is under its hood from bumper to bumper. While an Aston Martin for example is undeniably a well bred lady a Mustang should have an edge of wildness and danger in her. That being said the real test of this new look will be when the sales figures are in.
In the end it’s up to you; is this a lady you want to take home with you? Well she goes on sale soon keep checking for pre-order dates for the US at: According to reports pre-orders should be available by June at the latest, with production to begin in August. This year’s prices are supposed to go up by as much as 10% although no official price has been announced.


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