Guide to What to Keep in Your Car this Summer

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Got kids or just a kid yourself.  smiley Almost nothing can be worse than being caught on the side of the road or in hours of traffic without supplies! So here a list of things to stock your car with before your summer trips.

  • Food. Almost nothing can make a situation more bearable than something to much on. Dried fruit, granola bars (sans chocolate and other things that melt), chips, cracker mainly food that will not melt and has a long self life.


  • Water or other beverages that will not spoil
  • First aid kit- a good first aid kit is a must not only will it allow you to heal scratched and small cut, but a bottle of nausea meds can keep your car a lot cleaner and spare allergy meds can save the day. Calamine another must have as well as baby power which can sooth sandy, salty skin. It a good place to throw some spare feminine products and some baby wipes.
  • Maps. Ok yes you have a GPS but… what will you do if it fails? Never hurts to have a back up plan.


  • Rain coat/poncho and a box of plastic garbage bags. Not only can these things keep you dry in a surprise rain storm, cover a seat after a window is left open; but can also provide a quick clean place to change a baby or eat a meal. No to mention the obvious sanitary uses.
  • Duct tape – What has a dark side and a light side and holds the universe together? DUCT TAPE!! I can not even begin to list the number of uses for it, there is very little it can not fix.

                                                              duct tape

  • Basic tool Kit- pliers, knife or box cutter, simple wrench set, screw drivers, Jumper cables (if possible), crank powered flash light, rag for fluids, bungee cords and or good rope and of course your spare tire, jack and lug nut wrench. Fix a flat can be useful but be aware using it may guarantee that a tire can not be patched but must be replaced and it will not hold for long.


  • Blanket- either normal type or a reflective survival type. Cold people = cranky people!
  • Spare clothes- Personally I am a fan of keeping an old pair of jeans, sweatshirt and extra undies in the trunk you never know when you might need them.
  • Deck of Cards- easy entertainment in a pinch. Mad Libs can also be a great car game.

deck of cards

  • A Towel – never know when an impromptu swim might be in order or you might want to protect you seats form muddy feet and bodies
  • Sunscreen and Bug spray – prevent future whines and pain
  • Glow sticks- fun to play with a make impromptu road marker at night.



Well I am sure you can think of a few other things it might be good to have please comment below to add them if you do. Still you should be pretty set with this list!


Written by:  Rebecca L.C. Hoell





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